Ultrasonic Cleaning


Paul Davis recognizes how upsetting fire damage can be to any household. We are one of the few restoration companies in the Brantford-Woodstock area that offers ultrasonic cleaning, the most effective technique method of content restoration. This simple process cleans and repairs any fire, smoke, soot or water damage that your personal items have suffered so they can be safely returned to your home as quickly as possible. A home can always be repaired and rebuilt but often it is more difficult to salvage items that have sentimental value to us. To salvage your personal belongings, valuables and electronics after a fire, contact us at Paul Davis for the most professional and efficient ultrasonic cleaning services in Brantford.


How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method of content restoration that uses water-generated high-frequency sound waves to remove fine particles and contaminates such as dirt, soot, oil, and mold. An object is surrounded by a cleaning solution in an ultrasonic bath. When the ultrasonic technology is activate, the cleaning solution agitates the objects powerfully enough to clean it but delicately enough not to cause any damage. The result is a perfectly restored object that shines like new without any scratches or scrapes.

Because ultrasonic cleaning is effective yet delicate, it’s the ideal method of restoration for sensitive objects such as metals, glass, ceramics, electronics and jewelry.


Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the preferred method of content restoration because:

  • It’s a fast and simple process
  • It requires less man-handling than traditional restoration techniques so there’s less chance your items will be damaged further in the process.
  • It has the highest salvage rate of any method of object restoration
  • It is more affordable than many other restoration methods
  • Ultrasonic baths are mobile and can be brought on-site, saving you time and money in transportation costs.


Salvage Your Valuables

The devastating effects of fire damage don’t have to be permanent. The technology of ultrasonic cleaning has the power to restore otherwise permanently damaged objects. Paul Davis is one of the only companies in the Brantford area that offers this innovative restoration service, so contact us today to make sure all your valuable and sentimental objects are restored with the utmost efficiency and care.