Winter Flooding and Burst Pipe Restoration from Paul Davis

Paul Davis has been helping home and business owners in Brantford, Woodstock and the sur-rounding areas recover from water-related property damage for over 30 years. If you experi-ence water damage due to burst pipes this winter, you can trust our professional and reliable technicians to get your home back to normal in no time. Here is some more information about our flood and water damage restoration services so you can be prepared for any emergency situation this winter.

Why Do Pipes Burst During The Winter?

One of the most common winter water damage issues is caused by pipes that freeze and burst. As temperatures drop, the water inside your pipes starts to freeze and expand, putting excess pressure on your pipes and causing them to burst. Burst pipes can cause interior flooding, which can ruin your personal belongings and damage the structure and foundation of your property.

The Effects of Water Damage

Water damage from burst pipes and winter flooding can cause a variety of immediate and long term damage to your home. Some of the immediate effects of water damage may include:

  • Destruction of personal artifacts
  • Stripping of drywall
  • Warping of floor and ceiling tiles
  • Ceiling collapse

Some of the long term impacts of water damage may include:

  • Mold and mildew infestations
  • Foundational and structural deterioration
  • Water bloating and warping of walls, floors and ceilings

Our Services

At Paul Davis, we begin each water damage restoration project with a detailed inspection of your property. Based on this assessment, our team of professional restoration technicians devise an action plan that targets all affected areas in the most thorough and efficient way possible. In most cases, this means full water removal services followed by drying the affected areas. We also provide mold inspection and removal, leak detection, and property reconstruction. At Paul Davis, we offer emergency response services, meaning we promise to be on the scene within two hours of when you call us, no matter the time of day.

We are also one of the only restoration companies in the Brantford and Woodstock area to offer in-place drying services, so we can repair and restore your water damaged belongings without transporting them to an off-site location, saving you time and money.

Paul Davis: Your First Choice for Flood and Burst Pipe Damage Restoration

With over 30 years of experience, Paul Davis is the most professional and reliable restoration company in the Brantford and Woodstock area. If you experience any flooding or burst pipes this winter, call us at Paul Davis as soon as possible for reliable and comprehensive restoration ser-vices you can trust. For more information about our repair and restoration services, contact us today at Paul Davis.