CE- Continuing Education

Continuing Education Opportunities Paul Davis Fraser Valley Seminar and Course Program   Applied Structural Drying- December 2018 – 2 hours CE Fire and Smoke Restoration- March 2019 – 12 hours CE Claims 101-Adjusters, Restoration and Brokers May 2019 – 2 hours CE Water[...]

$25 in 35

The Paul Davis Brand The Paul Davis brand stands for Truth. We promise, deliver and uphold truth during policyholders’ time of need. Our Values Deliver What We Promise Respect the Individual Have Pride in What We Do Practice Continuous Improvement PD Fraser Valley Difference $25,000 claims in 35[...]

What is Customer Service?

At Paul Davis you are not just a claim number. We serve all of our customers by delivering an experience founded on expertise, professionalism and compassion. Here is a quick video to give you a taste of Paul Davis Fraser Valley. Remember, this is no time for second best.

Water Damage? Best to Hire IICRC Certified Specialists

Water and flood damage is something that a lot of home and business owners have to deal with. Understandably, damage like this causes a big headache, and it’s definitely a time when you should call in the professionals. But what does it mean to hire a “professional” when it comes to water[...]

September is National Preparedness Month

While every family would like to think they’re prepared for a disaster, the truth is that many aren’t. Our friends in the U.S. celebrate National Preparedness Month all September long. It’s the perfect time to remind customers to have a game plan in place if disaster strikes. While no one[...]

Tornadoes in August

While most Canadians are aware of Tornadoes that happen south of us in the United States, many of us don’t have a clear image of where Tornadoes happen right here at home. While not nearly as active as the United States, Canada still gets about 62 verified Tornadoes per year. Saskatchewan has the[...]

Dangers of Frayed Lamp and Appliance Wires

You might be taking a huge risk that you’re not even aware of. In today’s electricity-powered world, we have an excess of cords. This doesn’t just tie back to smartphones and laptops, though. We also have lamps, microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters. Our televisions are constantly plugged[...]

7 Common Workplace Safety Hazards

Accidents can happen anywhere. While we often aren’t prepared for an accident in the workplace, our offices are filled with many different types of hazards. Being that most of us spend 40+ hours per week at our office, it’s important to know what the potential hazards are and how they can be[...]