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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher/PASS Tips

The chance is high that you’ll come across at least one fire in your lifetime. It’s important to understand that fires can quickly double in size. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes for a fire to blaze completely out of control. Most people know that if a fire extinguisher[...]

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Join Paul Davis Greater Vancouver Virtual Food Drive to Support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

At Paul Davis Restoration we have a sterling reputation for taking care of you when your place of business or home requires emergency care. But our desire to serve doesn’t stop there! We’re also reaching out to help families in need this holiday season by participating in a community Virtual[...]

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Safe Handling of Artwork for Proper Restoration

Do you own precious artwork? Whether art hanging in your home was passed down through generations or is a piece you obtained more recently, everyone has a fond attachment to the artwork they place on their walls. After all, artwork has the power to express our interests, lift our spirits, affect our[...]