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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services in Peterborough

Losing your home or business in an emergency situation can be devastating. Repairing the damage and replacing what has been lost can take a lot of time, energy and investment. That’s why Paul Davis is dedicated to making that transition as smooth as possible for you.

Across North America, Paul Davis is helping families and businesses repair their properties and pick up the pieces following an emergency. We use specially designed technology and job management processes to achieve this. And we do it with compassion, integrity and the utmost level of professionalism.

A Canadian Network of Full Service
Water, Fire and Mould Cleanup and Restoration Specialists.

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Personalized and Professional Response

All of our locations are equipped to provide a 24-hour emergency response – so you can count on us to be there when you need us.

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, water, mould or severe weather, call Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes for fast, professional restoration services. Our experienced technicians will assess the damage and restore your property safely and efficiently.

Personalized and Professional Response

Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes provides a personal approach to every service. As we work to restore your property and belongings, communication is crucial. We’ll ensure you understand what we are doing at every step. Our individualized and highly adaptable approach ensures that you receive the restoration you need with no unwanted surprises.

At Paul Davis, we are not only extremely personalized—we’re also highly qualified and professional. We’ll communicate with insurance adjusters and brokers so that all stakeholders know how your claim is progressing. We are certified and follow the latest national and provincial regulations to ensure the job’s done right. We hold ourselves to a high professional and legal standard so you can be confident that you’re getting the best restoration job available.

Water Damage

Water damage can be difficult to detect and can build up over time. Small cracks in the foundation of your home can cause leaks that can lead to mould infestations and other structural damage.

Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes can repair water damage and fix any leaks and cracks to prevent any damage to your home in the future.
Fire an

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage can be traumatizing, and it can be difficult to recover after such a devastating event. Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes works to restore fire damaged property as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal life. We clear out all damage, smoke and soot and eliminate all odours, to make your home safe, livable and comfortable again.

Extreme Weather and Storm Damage

Extreme weather and natural disasters can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. These unpredictable and catastrophic events can be difficult to recover from. Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes is dedicated to getting your home back to normal after extreme weather damage. Our certified technicians will inspect your home to assess the damage and then begin repairs based on our assessment. Our systematic approach will ensure that your property is safe and livable again as quickly as possible.

Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes’s Leading Home Restoration Company

Our professional and experienced technicians will be able to repair any damage your property has sustained from top to bottom. Our detailed damage assessments and personalized response plans will help ensure that all the necessary repairs and restorations are made to your property.

We understand that dealing with damage to your property can be a difficult experience. Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes can help get your home or business back to normal with quality restoration and repairs.

If you need mould removal, water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, contents cleaning, or any other restoration services for your home or business in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes area, contact Paul Davis Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes today.

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