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What the National Fire Protection Agency Says About Hoarding

Many of us know someone who saves every trinket, memento and keepsake. They find comfort in having these items and parting with them is difficult. We often jokingly refer to these people as ‘pack rats’ or ‘squirrels’ but their keepsake instincts are usually harmless. Hoarders however are[...]

Home Buyers Win By Planning Ahead for Homeowners Insurance

Home buyers often think that all of their hard work ends once their offer on a home is accepted. While it would be nice to believe that everything from your offer being accepted through closing is rosy, the truth is a bit different. That is because there are a lot more hoops to jump through[...]

Extra Summer Care for Your Air Conditioner

Chances are that if you have an air conditioner, it has been hard at work this summer. And while we appreciate being kept cool and comfortable, especially during hot or humid summer months, we quickly get ‘hot under the collar’ when our air conditioner stops working. What’s worse, it can[...]