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Tornado Season Requires Renewed Safety Principles

This year may smash records for tornadoes. Twister reports are rapidly approaching the number that tore through North America in the blockbuster year of 2011. These violent displays of nature’s destructive powers - often associated with supercell thunderstorms - thrive on warmth, temperature differences and moisture. But science still hasn’t… Read more »

How Businesses Are Handling A Brave New World

“The way we work changed dramatically over the last five years,” says Richard Green, President, Paul Davis Restoration Ottawa, Ontario. “Companies were forced to change, too, at breakneck speed. Some excelled while many others struggled or failed. The ones that thrived – and continue to grow - shared similar approaches.” … Read more »

Springtime Weather Threats No One Can Afford to Ignore

Throughout Canada, many of us collectively look forward to Springtime, Mother Nature’s most amazing transition period of the year. As trees, flowers, crops, and longer, gentler days blossom, so too do lingering seasonal severe weather threats. The wondrous transition often arrives with dangerous changeover situations. Thunderstorms and tornadoes, heavy, wet-spring… Read more »