These Six Dangers Faced by Canadian Homeowners Result in Serious Casualty Losses

If you’re a homeowner in Canada, sooner or later you’ll likely experience one or more of these home dangers. Some are annoying, some destructive, and others, downright deadly. Let’s start with the danger most likely to perform a sneak attack upon your home.

Water Systems Damage is the most frequent mishap faced by homeowners. Most are plumbing-related and very annoying. An unnoticed leaking water pipe. An upstairs bathroom toilet leak that soaks the floor and leaks through ceilings below. Appliance leaks and washing machine or dishwasher overflows. Or, any number of home plumbing system failures. Home insurers find these claims to be the most frequent, but also the most easily remedied. Richard Green, Ambassador,  Paul Davis Restoration, Ottawa, Ontario counsels customers to 1) know where to locate and how to shut off the main water valve to your home. This will quickly end damaging water leaks or overflows. 2) Maintain a relationship with a local plumber who you can call to fix an issue rapidly. 

Storm-Related Water Damage typically causes major homeowner distress. Rain-driven penetration through roofs, doors or windows, or rising flood waters, is often far more destructive and therefore more threatening. Mitigation work and clean-up is more challenging, too. As for storm-related protection, Green urges homeowners to conduct regular visual inspections of their homes and when something looks deficient and suspicious, call in a handyman or contractor for advice. 

Weather-Related Roof/Flashing Damage accounts for over half of all property loss claims according to property insurers. There are many causes: high winds, hail damage, severe rain, ice and snow storms are all culprits. What to do says Green, “Inspect trees on your property to help prevent damage caused by falling tree limbs. Take time to identify and remove ice dams will help you avoid costly damage in the winter months. And periodically have a skilled professional inspect your home’s roof and flashing to ensure it’s secure.” 

Frozen Water Pipes are one of the most catastrophic, costly and destructive occurrences that homes in northern, colder climates often experience, says Green.  “Yes, it’s a weather-related water loss, but so costly and so avoidable.” Green’s customers often experience this home danger but he also has good news. “You can take steps to help prevent your pipes from freezing by identifying pipes that are most at risk and taking steps before winter sets in to wisely insulate them. It’s far less costly to take this precaution before you have a freeze rupture.” During the winter, use of a smart thermostat can manage and monitor your heat setting at a safe level to help avoid freezing, and to receive notifications if the temperature in your home drops unexpectedly.

Home Thefts are invasive and frightening. Homeowners and family members often become traumatized and their fears are long-lasting.  Damages caused during break-ins, says Green, are quick to repair, but he does suggest taking steps that will make your home less attractive to thieves in the future. “Design your landscaping with theft prevention in mind, adding outdoor lighting and creating a plan to make your home appear occupied while you are away. Monitoring your home to help minimize the theft potential, including smart home alarm systems, improved door and window locks and better exterior night lighting are many significant ways to better protect your home, your valuables and your family.”

Home Fires are deadly serious. Thankfully, fires do not occur as often as other incidents around the home, but the damage that they can cause puts fire at the top of the costliest types of claims, according to insurers. Fire and related damages account for over 25% of home insurance claims as measured by costs paid out. How do they most frequently start? Cooking fires, overloaded electrical circuits, improper use of wood stoves and fireplace embers left after turning in for bed are some of the many fire causes that damage homes and threaten lives. “Properly installed smoke detectors are a must,” says Green. “It’s the best single thing you can do to save your family and your property from fire damage.”

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