Safeguard Your Residence with Disinfection Services in Essex, ON

Our expert restoration specialists have the experience and expertise in using powerful cleaning solutions, industry-grade tools and procedures that are proven to eliminate pathogens. Our customers’ health is a primary concern, so we approach our decontamination services with discipline and responsibility. We take all the necessary steps as we offer residential decontamination solutions that will let your family avoid the harmful effects of bacterial or viral infections.

COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

Disinfection Services – The Paul Davis Way

The safety of our customers and employees is a main focus at Paul Davis, especially with this current pandemic. Our dedication and expertise ensure we are handling cleaning services the correct way during these unstable times. Our team has always responded promptly while complying to the most recent information when we answer the call to any biological hazards, and today is no different.

Paul Davis closely monitors information from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical specialists both nationwide and in Essex, ON. By obtaining up-to-date and correct information, we know we are implementing the necessary steps for your health when we clean your residence. Our cleanup and germ disinfecting services are an excellent safety precaution you can get during COVID-19.

We Take All the Recommended Precautions

COVID-19 is easily transmitted when near an infected person or when you touch your face after being in contact with the virus. The experts at Paul Davis maintain good hygiene and adhere to all CDC instructions to make sure that we keep you safe. We frequently use hand sanitizer, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap, sterilize surfaces and maintain the proper distance of six feet from other people.

We aim to preserve your safety, especially as we’re all coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our residential disinfection services in the Essex, ON, area include:

  • Cleaning your home by correctly applying disinfectants
  • We are EPA and FDA approved for combating common viruses
  • We meet the highest standards

COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

Let’s Protect Everyone

If those living in your home are dealing with cold or flu complications, please advise us ahead of time. Paul Davis specializes in cleaning and disinfecting homes across Essex, ON, after they’ve undergone catastrophes. You can depend on us to eradicate dangerous bacteria and even viruses from every surface on your property.

Get in Touch with Paul Davis Today

Even today, viral infections remain a serious health hazard to society. Residential decontamination services do a great deal to establish safety and peace of mind. Contact the expert team from Paul Davis at (519) 776-4567 to learn more about the steps we’re taking to address this pandemic. We have the expert training needed to completely sanitize your residence.