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Timing is of the Essence for Successful Water Damage Repair

The longer water damage in your home remains untreated, the more harm it can do. Excess water from flooding and leaking can eat through dry wall, floor and ceiling tiles, and the structural foundation of your property. Untreated water damage can also lead to serious long-term affects like mildew and mold infestations.

Drying your home isn’t enough. At Paul Davis, we dry your structure.

Water damage recovery is a time-sensitive issue, so it’s important to contact a professional restoration company as soon as possible. At Paul Davis, we offer the highest quality water damage cleaning, including excess water extraction, structural repair, and in-place drying services to restore any of your belongs that may have been ruined. Our restoration services also cover water damage on carpet and flooring, so you can rest assured that your home will go back to being liveable and secure quickly. Keep your home protected from the health and safety hazards associated with water damage with professional restoration care from the experienced technicians at Paul Davis.

How Our Water Damage Restoration Process Works

At Paul Davis, we recognize that every property is unique and water damage doesn’t affect the same two houses in the same ways. That’s why we provide customized rather than standardized service—so we can address your individual restoration needs.

We begin every restoration project with a detailed inspection of your property in order for our trained and experienced technicians to get a sense of the extent of water damage in your home. Once the inspection has been completed, we devise an action plan to restore your property as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to you and your household. We can adapt our services to suit your needs, including providing water damage wall repair and in-place drying so you don’t have to move any of your belongings to any external location for repair. Our goal at Paul Davis is to provide our clients with the high quality restoration services in the most convenient way possible.

Commercial Water Damage Repair

Leaking, flooding, burst pipes and storm damage can devastate your business. With more than 50 years of experience, Paul Davis is the number-one company for commercial water damage repair. Our in-place drying services can help you recover as much damaged merchandise and equipment as possible, so you can minimize your financial loss. We also offer water damaged ceiling repair and structural restoration, ensuring that your commercial space is up to code following a water-related devastation.

Water Damage Insurance

When managing the costs of property damage, both the property owner and insurance provider have a role to play. When it comes to your water damage insurance, Paul Davis is committed to providing the best restoration services for both property owners and insurance adjusters.

We don’t just dry your home—we dry your structure. By using the latest in restoration technology and certified and experienced technicians, we are able to reduce our costs while still providing our clients with the thorough water damage repair they need.

When water damage strikes, call the experts!

No one wants to deal with the stress of having water damage in their home. They also don’t want to deal with the stress of repairing their home. It is important to choose the best when it comes to flood and water damage services in Canada. Paul Davis not only responds to calls 24/7, but we will make sure that we provide the best water damage remediation possible.

Water damage repair is a core service of Paul Davis, and we understand how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With our 24/7 availability, you can call us anytime or click the “Get Immediate Help” button at the top of the page. We guarantee that we will respond within 30 minutes, and arrive to start water removal restoration within four hours.

What does a water restoration company do?

We understand that there are many causes for flood damage. including:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Sump pump failures
  • Sewage backup
  • Roof leaks

The longer you wait to get water damage services, the more expensive repairs can be later. Water can easily soak into your subfloor and “wick-up” into the drywall. This can only be seen by moisture meters and infrared cameras that our water damage repair experts have been trained to use. Our specialized equipment and scientific knowledge will help us accurately and quickly dry water-damaged areas of your home.

We are the experts you can trust!

We are prepared to take care of water damage, no matter what the circumstances are. Paul Davis is the water damage service company you can trust to get you back in your home as quickly as possible. For all your water and flood damage cleanup and restoration needs, call Paul Davis at 800-661-5975

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