New Office: Paul Davis of South San Diego County, CA

New owners Manuel and Mildred Martinez are excited to inform you about the opening of their new office Paul Davis of South San Diego County, CA! Manuel and Mildred have been married for a little over 19 years and have two children: Yaremi (20) attends San Diego State University and Alex (19) attends[...]

Commercial Property Fire Sprinkler Systems Typically Fail for Four Key Reasons

Sprinkler systems are the best protection against commercial property damage, right? That could be a false sense of security: sprinkler systems fail nearly 10 percent of the time. Unfortunately, two Paul Davis customers fell into that unlucky 10 percent during the extraordinary Texas cold snap[...]

Avoid Aluminum Foil to Line Your Oven and Other Fire Safety Tips

Moldable, relatively inexpensive, disposable, aluminum foil is a jack of all trades for food prep, right? Not so much, says Leslie Anderson, Vice President of Training for Paul Davis Restoration Inc. “We’ve seen many kitchen fires started by foil,” Anderson says. “It’s really not a tool[...]

Smart Homeowners Prepare for Severe Drought and Wildfire Conditions

The summer of 2021 has been hot and harsh, with lengthening droughts and record high temperatures afflicting much of the continent. Extreme heat blasted the western and northern regions of North America, with western Canada smashing long-held records for high temperatures. A multi-year drought in[...]

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer deepens and thermometers soar across North America, our people, equipment, time and expertise are keeping their cool as they advance worthy causes. Our employees gave back to a diverse range of charitable causes recently to support the communities in which they live and work. [...]

Emerging Technologies Speed Mitigation and Reduce Costs for Paul Davis Customers

Emerging Technologies Speed Mitigation and Reduce Costs for Paul Davis Customers Paul Davis customers often hear these encouraging words as our teams arrive at disasters: “this technology will get you back to normal faster.” When a hurricane struck a church, our teams employed a marvelous[...]

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

The thunderous lightning crack temporarily deafened the Andersons. Plunged into darkness as the power failed, the shocked couple rushed upstairs to check on their children. Family members were frightened but unharmed. Their house, on the other hand? It needed an immediate hand from Paul Davis:[...]

The Best Job You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – Karen Killen

Meet Karen Killen, Controller, Paul Davis Restoration of Broward County, FL. What is Paul Davis Restoration? For more than 55 years, Paul Davis Restorations Inc. has restored residential and commercial properties damaged by fire, water, mold, storms, and disasters. Paul Davis is a one-stop-shop for[...]