New office: Will and Southwest Cook County, IL

A New Year, A New Paul Davis! Paul Davis is starting the year off strong with the exciting news of a new office opening in Will and Southwest Cook County, IL. New owner, Bill O’Connor joins Paul Davis as a career changer following 20 years in the investing/finance world. An impressive[...]

Paul Davis Provides Support for Local Communities

As the new year begins, Paul Davis continues to dedicate its time and care to neighbours in all of our communities, working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a privilege to call these communities home and to lend our people, funding, equipment and time to worthy causes. Here’s where Paul[...]

Let’s Stop the 45% of Commercial Property Fires That Are Arson

Local fire officials estimate that as many as half of all fires are intentionally set. Why do arsonists act? Possible motives are many: thrill-seeking, vandalism, concealing a crime, revenge, profit/insurance fraud/debt elimination and terrorism may prompt these criminals to act. Arson is more than[...]

As Commercial Buildings Age Pipe Leaks Spring Eternal

“Many – perhaps even most – older commercial buildings are equipped with piping that is very often no longer sound,” says Andrew Golkin, President Paul Davis of Suburban Virginia. “Perhaps the system was state-of-the-art at the time of installation – yet that piping type is now[...]

Is Your Business Blizzard Proof?

A few companies love a howling blizzard and welcome dire forecasts: hardware stores that sell ice melt and snow shovels, landscapers with plows mounted on trucks and grocery stores. Most businesses, however, blanch at the approach of whiteout conditions because they imperil employees, deter[...]

Workplace Health Becomes Top Priority as Post-COVID Occupancy Begins

In a recent survey by the McKinsey & Company management consulting firm, a whopping 80 percent of respondents reported dramatically changed work lives due to COVID-19. Remote workers found the changes mostly to their liking, citing more engagement, control over work environments, better work[...]

Businesses Take Extra Care When Selecting Companies After A Flood or Fire

What’s the first thing to do after your business is damaged by a flood or fire? Protect yourself and your employees: evacuate safely and don’t reenter the ravaged premises. Only professionals are trained to handle disaster-damaged buildings without risking structural collapse, electrocution,[...]

Audrey Churchill-McElhaney – 20 Women of 2020

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Audrey Churchill-McElhaney is the Compliance Manager at Paul Davis of Greater Denver. When did you start working for Paul Davis?October 1, 2018. What were you doing before that?I have been affiliated with the construction industry for[...]