Paul Davis Excels at Restoring Properties Affected by Severe Flooding

Swollen by a storm, a creek surges beyond its banks, devastating a business, ruining inventory, chasing employees, flooding office space and more. A home’s water heater bursts and, in just hours, soaks flooring, carpeting, wallboard, appliances, everything below knee level. The deluge is stemmed[...]

Our Paul Davis Commitment to Sustainability: Paul Davis – Ever. Green.

Reduce cost, minimize waste, save energy, use fewer resources, prioritize earth-friendly and human safe products – these guiding principles underpin our company-wide commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility called Paul Davis – Ever. Green. The program represents the[...]

Professional Techniques that Erase Smoke Odours from Clothing and Furniture

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. Eclipsing flames and heat, it’s the most ruinous and far-reaching component of that fire. Thick and dark, it damages everything in its path. Items touched by smoke often have long memories even though they may appear unaffected. Months after the flames are[...]

Special Care Needed Following Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Use

Grabbing a portable fire extinguisher to quench a small fire is a smart move that works most of the time. Research suggests that an astonishing 95 percent of fires can be successfully quenched if quick thinkers deploy these devices shortly after ignition. But as soon as the fire is out and calm[...]

Identifying Hidden and Dangerous Workplace Fire Hazards

For many employees, work routines unfold in similar order at familiar times of the day. We greet colleagues on the way to desks in the morning, switch on lamps at work stations, heat food in the kitchen at lunchtime, say our goodbyes prior to heading home. It’s time to integrate some important new[...]

Most Important Six Steps to Take After Sudden Spring Storm Damage

March, April and May are often filled with gentle breezes and fresh blossoms but spring can also usher in meteorological chaos. Tornadoes, microbursts, derechos and thunderstorms – all can wreak devastating havoc in minutes with little warning. Indeed, spring is a particularly volatile season.[...]

After Using a Home Fire Extinguisher, Know Proper Propellant Clean-Up Techniques

Whether it’s an overloaded extension cord or a kitchen flare-up, home fires are frightening. But quick-thinking homeowners can combat these surprise emergencies very effectively: a whopping 95 percent of fires can be successfully quenched if extinguishers are deployed quickly after ignition. But[...]

Punch List: A Funny Name for a Vital Task List When Doing Restoration

Job site supervisors and workers know exactly what a punch list is. Property owners are usually puzzled. Yet it’s an important tool for finishing a job to the satisfaction of both parties. Punch lists are particularly important when restoring structures after a disaster. So, what are they and why[...]