Fire Prevention Week – A Tradition Since 1922

In Chicago, October 8, 1871, all was quiet as a warm fall day deepened into evening. Noise, hubbub and alarms rose at 8:30 pm, when the Great Chicago Fire started as a small flame licking straw in the O’Leary barn. Fed by dry, windy weather and wooden structures, the fire roared voraciously for[...]

Traditional Tank Water Heaters versus Tankless Water Heaters

According to The Insurance Institute for Business and Safety (IBHS), nearly three quarters of water heater failures result from leaks, whether they are slow and insidious drips or catastrophic bursts that flood homes and shock homeowners. Not only are insurance claims frequent for these[...]

Paul Davis Employs Matterport technology for Church Mitigation

When Paul Davis adopts new technology after careful scrutiny and testing, the company counts on that technology to make significant impacts. They expect it to speed project completion, for example. Or improve communications. They count on it to manage costs, advance partnerships or improve customer[...]

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

Fall has arrived and Paul Davis is helping worthy causes across North America by volunteering our people, equipment, time and expertise. Our employees gave back to a diverse range of charitable causes recently to support the communities in which they live and work.  Crisis Support Center: Paul[...]

Should First Priority® Be Part of Your 2022 Business Plan?

With the COVID-19 resurgence, business plans for 2022 are in disarray and many company leaders face complex questions. Will customers frequent retail or dine out? Will they travel for business and leisure? Will employees return to traditional offices or is working from home the new normal? Can the[...]

Fall is an Excellent Time to Remove Dying Trees and Branches

Annually, hundreds of people die and many more suffer serious property damage due to “wind-related tree failures” that accompany extreme weather like thunderstorms, derechos, hurricanes and tornadoes. “Tree failures are particularly likely if strong wind follows a saturating storm,” comments[...]

Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, is Open and Operating

New owners Jason and Jennifer Hardy of Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, are excited to join the Paul Davis Family! Both Jason and Jennifer are originally from the west. They have been in North Carolina for the past 15 years and just recently relocated to Washington to open their franchise. Before joining[...]

New Office: Paul Davis of Palm Beach County, FL

New owner George Couto has acquired Paul Davis of Palm Beach County, FL, from Michael Edwards and Sharon Carothers, and is thrilled to be part of the Paul Davis Family! When he was first introduced to the idea of owning a Paul Davis Franchise in early 2021, he quickly realized that the[...]