This Keeps Canada’s Small Business Owners Awake at Night

Canada’s small business owners have a lot to think about these days. In the aftermath of the pandemic labour shortages, regulatory requirements, and cybersecurity remain key concerns for half of Canada’s 1.2 million small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Given how significant SMEs are to the Canadian economy — they contribute… Read more »

Know When and Why to Clean Your Home HVAC Ducts

Springtime house cleaning often brings to mind the question … should I have ductwork in my home inspected and cleaned professionally? But is it really necessary? Experts have a lot to say about whether it’s really a good idea. When you see dust buildup around the supply vents in your… Read more »

Food Service Businesses Face Serious Hazards Every Day

There are more than eighty-six thousand restaurants in Canada. From the fanciest, white tablecloth dining, to casual restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, food trucks, grills, and numerous fast food outlets, the Canadian food service industry is robust, employing over 1.3 million people. As one of the nation’s top private sector employers,… Read more »

How to Know When Your Home Needs More Electrical Capacity

“Do you live in a house that’s older than 20 years?” asks John Stoker, President, Paul Davis Restoration Central Nova Scotia. “If so, your electricity needs have almost certainly outgrown your residential electrical system, creating serious fire hazards on your property.” Electrical needs have grown exponentially since 1950: modern homes… Read more »