Paul Davis Brings Funding and Support To Their Local Communities

Throughout North America, Paul Davis team members are wrapping up a busy, satisfying year supporting charitable programs in their local communities. Thousands of hours were spent planning, organizing and participating with others to deliver needed help to make their communities better. Serving others is demanding, but satisfying. Hats off to… Read more »

Once Winter Sets In, Mold Takes Root in Out-of-Sight Places

Built in the 1950s, the Kentucky customer’s home got nippy in the wintertime. That wasn’t a big surprise. Interior walls were plastered over uninsulated cinder block construction. The owners assumed the chill was just a comfort and heating issue. Until it suddenly became a health threat: they discovered mould growing… Read more »

After A Natural Disaster, Fast Recovery is Essential

If a natural disaster strikes your business, the future becomes downright frightening. In fact, experts estimate that one in four companies fail to reopen after skies clear. What can your management team do to ensure your business reopens without lasting damage to staff, revenue, productivity and customer loyalty? “Natural disasters… Read more »