Top 5 Questions to Ask a COVID-19 Cleaning Vendor

 We know there are many options when choosing a vendor to provide COVID-19 cleaning services to your property. To help guide you through this process, consider asking potential providers the questions below:



Top 5 covid-19

1. Do You Have Prior Experience With Biohazard Cleaning?

For over 55 years, Paul Davis has served people in their time of need with property damage from water, fire, mold, and storm damage; as well as our team of Recovery Specialists who are specifically trained to address viruses, bacteria, Microbial growth and other pathogens.


2. Are your Employees Certified and Business Insured?

Our technicians are trained and IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) certified to respond to biological hazards like COVID-19.


3. What Type Of PPE Will Employees Wear?

Donning and doffing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a critical part of any job at Paul Davis. Technicians will wear full Tyvex suits, gloves, goggles, and respirators for COVID-19 cleanings. The PPE will also be removed and disposed of in accordance with state and federal laws.


4. What Types Of Chemicals Will You Use?

Our trained technicians will clean and appropriately apply disinfectants to specific standards. These chemicals used are EPA approved against COVID-19 and most common viruses.

5. What Cleaning Techniques Will Be Implemented?

Paul Davis offers several techniques that differentiate from traditional cleaning methods like Electrostatic cleaning, fogging with horizontal surface wiping and fogging with a full wiping which is the industry-accepted process when a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been found.


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