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Lowering Home Energy Cost

If you’ve ever opened your energy bill and gasped in horror, it’s probably because the number you saw was unexpected and huge. A lot of people dread high energy bills. The good news is that most don’t actually have to be so high. By knowing some tips and tricks to drive down those costs, you[...]

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Why Dripping Faucets Should Be Fixed

Think about how many water faucets are in your home. There are of course faucets in your kitchen and bathroom. Faucets in the laundry room, too, and maybe your basement, garage, plus outside faucets to help you care conveniently for your yard and wash the car. The only time we really seem to take[...]

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Lawn Mower Safety

There are so many reasons to love spring. The promise of warmer weather, much ­needed rain, and the sudden growth spurt in nature. Of course, all of these happenings also come with a brand new to­do list around your house. Typically after indoor spring cleaning has taken place it’s time to[...]