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July: Good Time to Review Homeowner Insurance Needs

Chances are you’ll never be able to read everything you’d like to this year. However, here’s one thing to read that may make a big difference to you? Your homeowners insurance policy. Here’s the truth: your homeowners insurance policy is a long, boring read. In fact, I’m sure you could[...]

Red Cross Tips for Pool Safety

No matter where you live, chances are that there is a community pool, a water park, or even a body of water nearby – and summertime is a great excuse to go swimming! In addition to putting on plenty of sunscreen and knowing swimming basics, there is quite a lot to be aware of before […]

Smart BBQing Tips

It’s summer! That means it’s time to pull out the grill and make yourself (or your friends and family) some BBQ. Cooking well over open flames certainly takes some skill–and a lot of safety. Of course, if you read through the helpful BBQ tips we’ve shared below, you’re already halfway to[...]

Sudden Summer Storms

Sudden summer storms often do much more than spoil our plans for outdoor activities in the afternoon and evening. Each year Canada experiences thousands of thunderstorms with most occurring during late spring and summer months. Across much of Canada, “straight-line” winds (and not tornadoes)[...]

Summer Household Tips

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