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New Innovations for Storm-Resistant Homes

Today, homes and office buildings look pretty much the same as in years gone by. But aesthetics aside, some of the newer storm-resistant construction techniques that are finding their way into new construction projects take weatherproofing to a whole new level.  For example, there are specific[...]

This Is No Time for Second Best™

Paul Davis companies have long benefited from an industry reputation of outstanding mitigation and restoration services. Exit interviews among Paul Davis customers, insurance agents and adjusters throughout North America point out that the customer care Paul Davis technicians and support staff[...]

Vent Cleaning to Avoid Fire Hazards

Heavy woollen and fleece clothes may help Canadians keep warm during long and frosty winters, but many people don’t realize that they carry a hidden hazard: when tumbled in the dryer, they shed lots of lint that can pack into cavities and dryer exhaust vents to increase the risk of fire. At Paul[...]

Spring Storms: Sudden and Severe

Most of us look forward to spring each year. Longer days, milder temperatures and nature’s blooms put us in a better frame of mind. There is, however, a darker side, because spring’s emerging warmer air and the remaining colder atmosphere of winter often collide, with dangerous results.[...]

Better to Choose Your Emergency Services Company Before an Emergency

No one likes to think about disaster striking their home or business. However, emergencies happen every day and it’s possible they could someday happen to you. Having property insurance is a vital first step. But when a fire damages your kitchen, a flood fills your basement, the roof at your[...]