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Poison Control At Home

Is your home poison-proof? Many people consider their homes a safe space. While homeowners are often prepared for disasters like a fire or flooding, “poison” is not always top of mind. Certainly, materials like rat poison, chemical cleaners, and even unused paint should be stored in a space that[...]

Tornadoes in August

While most Canadians are aware of tornadoes that happen south of us in the United States, many of us don’t have a clear image of where tornadoes happen right here at home. While not nearly as active as the United States, Canada still gets about 62 verified tornadoes per year. Saskatchewan has the[...]

Fall Season Update on Hurricane Threat

As you read this article we are now at the midpoint of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. So far the season has been peaceful, but regardless of how many storms develop this year, just one can disrupt thousands of lives in your area.  Knowing your evacuation route, paying attention to  alerts[...]

Hardwired vs. Battery Smoke Alarms — Which to Choose?

You might want to know the answer to this question because the safety and welfare of your family can be impacted by how you decide. Battery-source smoke detectors are in widespread use today because they are generally less expensive to buy and less expensive to install, since they don’t require[...]

Understanding How House Fires Grow

Here are some very frightening yet little known facts about fire. Fire may double in size every 30 seconds, meaning that a fire can spread 1100% in the first four minutes. Heat rises at the amazing rate of 28 meters per second; that’s almost 100 km/h. And a fire spreads by transferring heat[...]