Month: January 2018

Paul Davis Companies Excel in Cleaning Fire-Affected Contents

Thanks to ever more rapid first responder times to a fire scene, home and business fires in many communities are less likely today to result in complete losses than in years past. Better equipment and better training also diminish damage caused by many fires. According to experts at Paul Davis… Read more »

When Fires Occur, Paul Davis is Always On Call 24/7

Emergencies caused by fires have a way of happening at the oddest times. For fires, it’s not surprising that fall and winter months see the most occurrences, with December and January being the peak months. What is surprising is that home fires tend to occur on the weekend, and between… Read more »


Safer Solvent Storage Prevents Fires

Water is the most common solvent the world over, but most solvents don’t quench fires; instead they pose fire risks. From glues and cleaners to finishes and fuels, we keep these volatile chemicals for tasks that range from grilling and painting to mowing the grass. The solvent that people keep… Read more »

Getting Back to Business After A Flood

Ask any business owner who has suffered through a flood and you’ll hear these words: I hope that never happens to us again. But hope is not a strategy, and mapping out a business continuity plan for flood, fire, electrical outage, and yes, even civil unrest, is as important as… Read more »

Stormproof Your Home

How to Stormproof Your Home

Ever been caught in a storm and feared for the safety of your home? In Canada, we’re no strangers to fluctuating temperatures and harsh weather conditions. To ensure your home stays protected during storm season, here are a few tips from the reconstruction experts at Paul Davis: