Month: February 2018

Better Ways to Store Flammables at Home

We all have flammables in our home, but do you know how to properly store them when they’re not in use? Many people do not. When stored improperly, flammables can have devastating consequences including poisoning, fires, and explosions. So if you keep gasoline, propane or other flammables in or around… Read more »


Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages

Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages As a Canadian, you’re likely to be concerned about these two statistics. Urban flooding alone resulted in over $20 billion of damage in Canada from 2003 through 2012. And flooded basements have now replaced house fires as the most expensive claim type for… Read more »

Hand holding smart phone with white smoke

For Smoke-Damaged Electronics, Be Smart and Hire a Pro

Few of us can manage our daily lives without mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, along with routers, printers, and so much more. After a fire with even a slight degree of smoke, sensitive electronics like these can become contaminated. In post-fire situations, these devices may look visually okay,… Read more »

German houses seen over flooded Rhine river

Prepare Ahead for Possible Spring Thaw Flooding

The 2017-18 winter season in Canada seems to be less cold over much of the country than in recent years. However, widespread normal-to-above-normal winter snowfall and ongoing precipitation forecast into spring suggest that thaw conditions will be something to watch carefully in many local areas. Canadian homeowners are most frequently… Read more »

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