Month: February 2020

Paul Davis Commits to Community Support and Sustainability

As we help people and communities recover from disasters large and small, we’re volunteering our people, expertise and funding. Here’s where we’ve made a difference recently:  Paul Davis Social Purpose Initiative: We’ve been busy expanding our Social Purpose Initiative, as you can see on our social purpose calendar. We update… Read more »

Paul Davis Brings Reality to Restoration Training

Thousands of gallons of water cascade from the second floor, flowing down the steps, pushing furniture aside and soaking everything in its surging path: wallboard, wiring, carpets, flooring, artwork and appliances. As the waters from upstairs subside, the damage spreads slowly but steadily. Water streams into the garage from its… Read more »

The Science of Post-Flood Drying

Drying seems simple and automatic to many of us. Hang laundry outside and it dries. Paint a wall and the paint manufacturer tells you how long to wait before reapplying. Press “heated dry” on a dishwasher and voila: dry dishes. For restoration after a flood, however, drying materials is a… Read more »

It’s Important! All Water Damage is Not Alike

Broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, sewer backups, storm flooding – they all cause water damage to properties. Often, customers are certain of only two things about a sudden and unhappy catastrophe: it’s wet and it must be dried as soon as possible. That’s all Paul Davis needs to know to respond… Read more »

What Paul Davis Customers Are Saying About our Work

When fire scorches a manufacturing facility or floods soak an apartment complex, damage occurs on a large scale. More people evacuate from bigger areas. Owners, with little flexibility to relocate tenants and operations, have high labour and materials needs – and the need to manage multiple partners performing restoration. Not… Read more »