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Paul Davis Leads Support for Local Charities

As 2020 comes to a close, Paul Davis continues to assist those in need. We remain very committed to bettering the world we live in, working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting our outreach activities to safeguard all participants. We are dedicated to sending people, funding, equipment[...]

How Schools Boost Cleaning and Disinfecting During COVID

With students and teachers across North America returning to school, experts reported welcome information in early fall: rates of infection at schools appear to be below that found in surrounding communities. While that may change as data accumulates and schools continue sessions, every interested[...]

Five Winter Preparedness Tips for Every Small Business Owner

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, small businesses continue to confront difficult challenges. Another test nonetheless confronts this group: impending winter weather. Experts note that winter affects small businesses in particular ways. For retailers and restaurateurs, difficult travel curtails foot[...]

Plan Now to Protect Against Five Most Common Winter Business Challenges

The Old Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a frigid winter in the continent’s northern half and abundant snowfall in the west. Even the southeast, the source notes, won’t escape winter’s clutches with below average temperatures expected. Don’t believe this folkloric source? Several prominent[...]

How Small Manufacturers Protect Against Fires

According to the fire experts, tens of thousands of fires break out at industrial and manufacturing properties yearly. Fire is a particular concern for smaller manufacturers, who are very vulnerable to serious operations disruptions or even business closure if a fire occurs. Due to smaller[...]