Month: June 2021

Home Water Leaks Peak in Summertime for Easily Avoidable Reasons

Water is simultaneously vital and infuriating. We can’t survive without it but it’s tough to control. This is particularly true in homes during the summertime. Residential water leaks are one of the most common causes of house damage, costing insurers a hefty $11 billion USD a year. Sixty percent of… Read more »

Be Sure Your Commercial Property Does Not Have Fire Safety Violations

The Beverly Hills Supper Club, a sprawling complex near Cincinnati, Ohio, drew famous acts that usually appeared in far glitzier locations like Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it was a fire trap. The carpet and seat cushions were highly flammable. The architect ignored fire codes. Aluminum wiring, which burns easily, snaked throughout… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

The hottest days of summer have arrived! Our people, equipment, time and expertise are keeping their cool as they advance worthy causes all over North America. Where did our employees pitch in recently to support the communities in which they live and work? Donating Materials to Local First Responders: Paul… Read more »