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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As fall deepens and we approach the holidays, Paul Davis is supporting charitable causes across North America. We are proud to offer our people, equipment, time and expertise in the communities we call home. Here’s where we volunteered recently: Collecting Coats for Kids: Paul Davis of[...]

8 Property Risks That Pose Hazard Problems For Property Managers

If you manage a commercial property, days are packed with complex tasks: managing staff, moving tenants, conducting inspections, interfacing with contractors, contacting regulatory officials and much more. Enter checklists: essential “cheat sheets” that streamline workload.  “Every[...]

Cleared Eaves and Downspouts Are Important

As fall deepens, Brady Chuckel is looking up: at the eaves poised to cause big headaches for homeowners. “Clearing clogged eaves and downspouts is an essential maintenance task,” says this president of Paul Davis of Southeast Wisconsin. “Neglected eave problems pile up quietly so it’s easy[...]

Light Employee Occupancy in The Workplace Invites Theft and Vandalism

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, employees who left offices to work remotely show few signs of returning en masse anytime soon. Many experts believe the migration may be permanent and that the business world has been forever changed.  What this means right now: thousands of offices and[...]

Too Many Home Fires Start with Carelessness

When Hank refinished the antique rocker, the gleaming ebony wood impressed his entire family. Hank was so pleased that he neglected to properly dispose of the linseed-stained rags. They spontaneously combusted and blackened the garage before the fire was quenched.  “We work on many, many[...]