Soon, many of us will live our lives in two places. We will dwell in the physical world with familiar features we touch like people, pets and scenery. And we will live in the digital world, too – a realm becoming so sophisticated that it’s almost better than real, enlarging our experiences in fantastic, nearly miraculous ways. 

Better than real: Paul Davis is avidly applying that quality to mitigation and restoration via an amazing technology called Matterport. This revolutionary software, adapted to cell phone use, builds a high-definition, extremely accurate, three-dimensional digital rendering of any space with a touch of a button. Users can immediately “tour” the rendering virtually, zoom into it, manipulate it, customize it, publish it and share it. 

“Instead of stepping into a dangerous area struck by a disastrous fire or flood to record the damage with photos and measurements, we point a phone from a safe spot and digitize the scene in moments,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Vice President of Training. “Matterport is a game-changer when we work with property managers and insurers, allowing us to work together more efficiently than ever before. This program speeds projects, improves accuracy, provides flawless documentation and streamlines communication.”

Matterport is a truly transformative tool with unequaled features and benefits:

  • Synthesizes data and images to create a precise 3D digital rendering of the space that displays measurements and features. Users can view multiple angles and perform a virtual walk-through. 
  • Documents disaster scenes in extreme detail. The system also generates high definition photos and floor plans on demand.
  • Shares the renderings via a simple online link, enabling partners to use and work from the same schematic. 
  • Customizes its interface to different situations. For example, restoration teams and insurers can measure and discuss one view while property managers view progress in another. The system also can display different restoration options – a boon for property owners – and automatically blurs faces to safeguard privacy.

“For decades, Paul Davis has proudly led this industry by adopting cutting-edge technology,” Anderson says, noting that, because Matterport improves efficiency, it helps property managers and insurers do more with fewer people, a significant boon when employees are in short supply. “We’re always seeking new tools to serve customers, partners and disaster victims more completely.”