7 Most Common Home Insurance Claims

As a homeowner, you hope that nothing bad will ever happen to your home, but you do have homeowners insurance ready should damage occur. By understanding the types of claims that most insurance companies see, it’s possible to consider your own situation and determine the best plan to minimize your risk.


  1. Wind and Hail

Most insurance claims are due to wind and hail damage. There are multiple ways you can minimize your risk. Determine your risk and opportunities to lessen future damage by having a wind mitigation inspection.


  1. Water Damage and Freezing

With regular inspections of appliances and plumbing to check for leaks and malfunctions, it is possible to keep an eye out for potential causes of water damage. In addition, knowing how to winterize your home is a great way to minimize your risk of freezing pipes.


  1. All Other Property Damage

Taking steps to safeguard your home from all potential threats can feel overwhelming. Sometimes the best way to be prepared is to look at any issues you’ve had with your home in the past as well as consider the weather where you live. Can you identify what could happen in a worst case scenario?


  1. Theft

With home security systems and deadbolts, you’re taking important basic steps to prevent your home from becoming a target. With the holidays coming up, however, you may -- without thinking -- place boxes for new televisions or gaming systems outside on the curb with the trash.  Though as a homeowner you are simply throwing out your trash, to a criminal this is a sign that there are new electronics in your home just waiting to be taken.


  1. Fire and Lightning

It is crucial to practice fire safety, whether it’s while you’re cooking or deciding how to deal with a frayed wire when you find one. Use your best judgment and ensure you have smoke detectors throughout your home as well a fire extinguisher should a fire start.


  1. Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Practising sound judgment and minimizing areas where you can trip and fall is paramount to protecting yourself, your family and guests from being injured.


  1. Medical Payments and Other

Be proactive about the safety of yourself and your family. Taking care of your health is an investment worth making and will reduce the possibility of more serious issues down the road.

These different types of claims showcase the major threats today’s homeowners face. By acknowledging them and creating a thorough plan for your family, you can take charge of reducing your risk.