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    26 01, 2018

    Safer Solvent Storage Prevents Fires

    Water is the most common solvent the world over, but most solvents don’t quench fires; instead they pose fire risks. From glues and cleaners to finishes and fuels, we keep these volatile chemicals for tasks that range from grilling and painting to mowing the grass. The solvent that people keep most at homes across North [...]

    26 01, 2018

    Getting Back to Business After A Flood

    Ask any business owner who has suffered through a flood and you’ll hear these words: I hope that never happens to us again. But hope is not a strategy, and mapping out a business continuity plan for flood, fire, electrical outage, and yes, even civil unrest, is as important as locking up the building at [...]

    22 01, 2018

    Preferred Ways to Start a Fireplace Fire

    Do you have a fireplace you like to enjoy in the winter? Using a fireplace is something many homeowners take advantage of when it gets cold outside. But sometimes people don’t know how to build a good fire, or the thought of building a fire inside their own home can be daunting. Luckily, there is [...]

    15 01, 2018

    Take These Actions if You Suspect a Gas Leak

    You might not realize how much you depend on natural gas. From our hot water heaters to gas stovetops, natural gas is everywhere. And as gas lines tend to be buried below the surface of the ground, it’s easy to forget they’re there. That is until you smell the tell-tale rotten egg scent of a [...]

    8 01, 2018

    Update Your Mobile Phone Emergency Numbers

    It used to be that we went to a phone book to find the phone number we needed. But as we’ve become more and more reliant on technology, the phone book has fast become obsolete. And while many people use search engines today to find important phone numbers, it can be smart to simply have [...]