Paul Davis Recommends Businesses Get Ready for 2020 Hurricane Season

Arthur, Bertha and Cristobal ushered in a very active 2020 hurricane season. Though hurricanes are less threatening to Canada than to its southern neighbour, experts say that nearly 40 percent of Atlantic named storms entered the Canadian Hurricane Centre Response zone between 1951 and 2008. A[...]

Smart Preparation Minimizes Recurring Wind Damage on Properties

Cape Dennison in Antarctica is the windiest place on earth, with top wind speeds clocking in at 240 kilometers per hour. Few North American property owners experience these eye-popping extremes but our planet is becoming breezier. In less than a decade, global average wind speeds have increased from[...]

Paul Davis Restoration Provides Super Services For Severe Storms

Early this year, two strong low-pressure systems spawned a rash of tornadoes in the eastern, south and southeastern regions of the United States. The tiny state of Maryland, not normally a tornado prone area, experienced a record-breaking five tornadoes. As we conclude spring and enter summer,[...]

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Leah Bradley Darr (IICRC WRT) is the Business Development Manager of Paul Davis Restoration of Tampa & surrounding areas.  When did you start working for Paul Davis, and what is some of your background with the company? In December of[...]

Paul Davis Utilizes Matterport 3D Imaging During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Ordinarily, adjusters are extraordinarily mobile insurance professionals, hurrying to disaster scenes, working out of cars and meeting with disaster victims as they tour flood and fire-ravaged properties. COVID-19, social distancing and travel restrictions vanquished that paradigm in a few[...]