Understanding the Three Classes of Contaminated Water      

Clearly, any contaminated water can wreak havoc on a home or business. Moisture penetration into flooring, walls, studding and structural components, in addition to water-damaged furniture, electronics, clothing and more, is time-consuming to dry, if even possible. Compounding the situation is which[...]

Staying Safe Should a Home Washing Machine Flood Occur

One of the most dependable day-to-day appliances in many households can also become our home’s biggest headache when it fails. And when it breaks or, worse yet, floods the laundry area, problems mount quickly. So what can you do if your washing machine floods? We have a few solutions below.[...]

Paul Davis Expert Speaks to Concerns About Black Mould In Canada

Lately there has been a lot of talk about mould in Canada—specifically black mould. But while these words tend to instill fear in Canadians, they shouldn’t. It’s true that some moulds can result in serious problems if left untreated. It’s also true that mould can easily thrive in any areas[...]

Prepare Ahead for Possible Spring Thaw Flooding

The 2017-18 winter season in Canada seems to be less cold over much of the country than in recent years. However, widespread normal-to-above-normal winter snowfall and ongoing precipitation forecast into spring suggest that thaw conditions will be something to watch carefully in many local areas.[...]

Identifying Signs of Indoor Mould Infestation

You’ve probably seen mould growing in your home. Mould and mildew build up on your shower curtain or food left sitting in your fridge too long. But what about mould infestations—how do you know if you’re suffering from one of those? While some moulds can be spotted in dark, damp spaces in our[...]