As the fire department pulled hoses through the smoldering store, watering down hot areas and preparing to depart, the store owner looked on, devastated. She had arrived to see flames shooting from the roof, her carefully curated merchandise in ruins. Now, she felt traumatized, fearful and uncertain. What should she do next?

Realizing that fires can be exceptionally frightening and destabilizing events for any commercial property owner, Paul Davis fields a team of highly trained professionals to lead customers through the moment and days following these horrifying disasters. Paul Davis team members organize response logistics as they help customers make critical decisions, complete essential tasks, recover equilibrium and plan a path forward.

On call 24/7/365 for its customers across North America, Paul Davis team members assist with a wide-ranging variety of tasks following a fire:

  • Helping assess next steps after the flames are extinguished.
  • Coordinating immediate mitigation activities such as securing the premises and removing contents for restoration or storage.
  • Coordinating with first responders, insurance carriers, fire marshals, local authorities and other partners involved in post-fire activities.
  • Arranging communications with suppliers, employees and other stakeholders who need further instructions following a fire.
  • Providing estimates and coordinating restoration activities.
  • Maintaining communications among all parties from loss through complete restoration.

Our Team’s compassionate assistance delivers a sense of order, confidence and momentum that not only starts the property toward recovery but immeasurably helps those affected as well.

“Shock, fear, lack of focus, difficulty making decisions – these are all very common reactions we see in traumatized people,” says Ruben Rodriguez, a former Tallahassee and Miami, Florida firefighter with 16 years experience, who now works for Paul Davis. “The fire service is all about serving others. That’s what we do here at Paul Davis, too. We’re trained to help and we can’t wait to get there and start helping victims of a commercial or household fire.”

Remember, Fire Prevention Week starts October 4: take steps now to fireproof your commercial facility. Rodriguez adds that “many fires could be avoided by ensuring that lit candles and space heaters are never placed near anything flammable, nor should they ever be unattended”. You can count on Paul Davis to help after a fire. The company-wide promise is to be onsite within four hours of a call for help.