Contaminated floodwaters, mould, smoke, asbestos insulation, lead paint – Paul Davis encounters dangerous substances at nearly every disaster site, whether properties have endured storms, wind, earthquakes or fires. COVID-19 has certainly added complexity to the response, mitigation and restoration processes. But Paul Davis is thoroughly prepared to manage all of these hazards.

“Long ago, we implemented safe practices that protected employees, partners and property owners from a variety of threats. Why? Because we encounter dangerous substances on almost every project. It’s the nature of our business,” says Jake Wilson, Reinspector – Commercial/ Residential, Quality Assurance & Catastrophe Division for Paul Davis. “In many ways, we are perfectly positioned and equipped to manage COVID-19 threats.”

Customers are hearing more about these procedures than ever before from Paul Davis employees. These communications provide reassurance that every team member is taking strict precautions to maintain safety. They give customers comforting details about the extensive training each technician undergoes and the precise disinfectant treatments they’re using to combat the virus. They give welcome specifics to help insurance partners, local officials and regulatory representatives affirm that the project is in good hands. 

Paul Davis is committed to creating new and innovative programs that combat COVID spread, such as TouchLessService™ – and showing exactly why these initiatives boost safety. Paul Davis is talking about new technology and why these measures increase safety: 

  • Virtual meeting services maintain social distancing while furthering projects. 
  • Electronic signature technologies eliminate the need for traditional paper, pens and in-person exchanges. 
  • A revolutionary platform called Matterport creates a high-definition, extremely accurate, three-dimensional digital rendering of any space with a touch of a button. Users can immediately “tour” the rendering virtually, zoom into it, reconfigure it, customize it, publish it and share it.

“Prior to COVID, most of those efforts and technologies were behind the scenes,” Wilson notes. “That’s changed with the pandemic because we want everyone to know we’ve got this. Period. And here are the exact reasons why.”

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