Falling Trees Shatter Vancouver Island Homeowners’ Holiday Plans But Not Their Spirits

Last November in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Len and Sherry Readshaw were anticipating a quiet holiday season at their property in the Mountain View Mobile Home Park. Two enormous trees had more violent plans.

Before dawn one morning, Ms. Readshaw heard a brushing sound on the roof that reminded her of the sound heavy snow makes as it settles. Within seconds, two trees thundered through the roof, snapping rafters, breaking windows and striking Mr. Readshaw where he lay in bed. A dazed Ms. Readshaw pushed debris away and crawled over broken glass to free herself from the ruins of the bedroom, searching for a telephone to call for help. Neighbours, horrified by the disaster, pounded on the door.

Mr. Readshaw doesn’t remember the trees crushing the bedroom. He does recall standing up in shock and a friend pulling him from the wreckage. Blood covered the room and his wife, seeking help, wasn’t in view. Thanks to the quick actions of neighbours, the Readshaws were transported quickly to the area hospital and treated for serious injuries.

Their house required rapid and extensive first aid as well. The couple’s son immediately summoned Paul Davis Central Vancouver Island, BC. “He was in quite a panic,” reports Brad Schulz, Paul Davis General Manager. “Not only were his parents in critical condition, but their house needed immediate attention to prevent further damage.”

Paul Davis crews removed the two 25-meter tall trees, anchored protective tarpaulins over damaged areas and secured the premises within four hours. Technicians entered the home and recovered most of the couple’s belongings. Nearby neighbours continued their generosity, offering extension cords and electrical power to rescue the contents of the home’s freezer.

The Readshaws, who decamped to the nearby Cedar Wood Lodge during home repairs, continue to recover from their injuries and feel lucky to have escaped the devastation with no permanent injuries. Paul Davis is coordinating with the couple’s insurance carrier to complete restoration and return the property to the cozy, safe home it was before the trees fell.

“We are on call at Paul Davis 24/7/365 to help traumatized customers like the Readshaws recover,” Schulz says. “We’re proud and honored to offer extraordinary care to people who have been through the worst time of their lives.”
Shocked by sudden property damage? Call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for help.