The Paul Davis mission – providing full-service residential and commercial restoration for disasters of all sizes across North America – requires many parts moving in synchrony: standard operating procedures, technology, team members, customers, partner organizations, materials, equipment and communication. 

We’re proud to receive unsolicited testimonials like the one below that describe how our promises (the bolded phrases in italics appear on our website to describe our services) match customer experiences (the Indiana family submitted the paragraphs in quotes).

Paul Davis is ready to respond to your property damage 24/7. We promise to respond within 30 minutes of a call for help and to arrive on site within hours.

“We had a tornado destroy our home and take down many barns on our family farm. We called Paul Davis and got directed to their on-call services. We were greeted on the phone by Lance, an employee of the Paul Davis in Fort Wayne. We had been having a difficult time with our insurance and had many questions with no answers from anyone. Lance immediately told us that he would walk us through this and make sure we were taken care of. He went out of his way to drive to our home that afternoon, even with us being over an hour away.” 

Our passion for quality drives everything we do.

“We had broken windows and a roof that had been half blown off. Rafters broken. Doors were blown out and our family home was exposed to the elements. Our church and neighbours helped tarp the roof, but Lance personally started boarding up windows and arranging to have contractors scheduled immediately the following week. 

“Over the next few days, not only Lance but his son Jordan made numerous trips to visit us and make plans for the repairs. Lance gave us many options on roofing, siding, window styles and even the layout of new barn ideas. He made sure we always had his cell phone number and assured us that no time was a bad time to call him. 

“Through this whole ordeal, we never wanted to leave our farm and Lance made our home livable so we could stay onsite the whole time. Within 2 weeks we had a new steel roof. Rafters replaced. New windows in the entire house. And brand-new siding and trim. Not only did the house get done that fast but his crew finished our garage at the same time. Repairs are now being started on the interior damage such as window trim and drywall repair from the rainwater that came through the first night. And through it all, Lance made sure we were safe, and our home was secure and clean.” 

We’re proud to care for people completely during the worst times in their lives.

“Paul Davis should be proud to have such an employee that is not only willing to work hard and help people but to have someone who will just stop and sit down with you and answer any question so you  feel some sense of relief through a bad disaster. Our family farm has been in our family for over 120 years and with Paul Davis and Lance’s help we will be able to enjoy it for years to come.”
When disaster strikes, this is no time for second best. Need immediate help? Call Paul Davis at 888-473-7669.