Paul Davis Community Service Continues Good Works

Paul Davis continues to assist needy organizations and communities as North America moves forward under restrictions and pandemic conditions. We remain very committed to bettering the world we live in and are adapting our outreach activities to safeguard all participants. For many, needs have increased in severity and number. We are dedicated to sending people, funding, equipment and time to help. 

Here’s where Paul Davis helped out recently:

Paul Davis of Greater St. Paul and Minneapolis Works with High-risk Seniors: This franchise has been working hard on a 55+ condominium association community that experienced major fire with extensive water damage. The team is making headway on a complex reconstruction effort while carefully protecting this group of high-risk seniors from the dangers posed by COVID-19.

Paul Davis of the Northland Supports the Community: The office joined local partners and recently hosted the 2nd Annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Night at a local car racing event. A portion of the money raised went to Warriors Next Adventure, a non-profit that helps veterans coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Paul Davis of Greater Birmingham Helps the Community: This office sponsored a Cross Fit competition, giving away water, pens, and Paul Davis drawstring bags. They also offered bags containing loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, and other school supplies to insurance agents as customer or employee giveaways.

Paul Davis of the Mid-South Returns Cash to Owner: One of the company’s technicians discovered a substantial amount of forgotten money while working at a damaged location. She shared the discovery and delivered the cash to the insured who was grateful for the find.

Paul Davis of Jacksonville, American Heart Association Walk, September 12:  Good health, heart health and community wellness are on the march in Jacksonville, Florida as Paul Davis teams up with the American Heart Association. These virtual walks are planned with local Paul Davis participation and support in a number of cities and towns in the U.S. and Canada. Their purpose? Raise awareness and donations for the American Heart Association and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

See what’s happening charitably as fall commences! View our social purpose calendar and join us if you’re local! Throughout every action we undertake, we safeguard our partners, neighbours, employees and communities by carefully following all recommendations for social distancing and personal protective equipment.