Paul Davis teams often encounter situations that move our people emotionally to do more and give freely beyond task logistics and required paperwork. One particular project in Talladega, Alabama, tugged at our team’s heartstrings. 

“This house had been hit by a vehicle that caused considerable damage,” explains Matt Phillips, Project Manager Paul Davis of Greater Birmingham, Alabama. “But the residence was in extremely bad shape already with issues not related to this claim or intentional neglect. The owner was blind and could not see to clean and maintain his house. He tried to be as independent as possible but was unable to see the conditions in which he lived. We knew we had to do more to help.” 

Phillips joined forces with marketing colleague Lindsey Brown to take care of this customer far beyond the scope of the claim. Phillips focused on the house, cleaning and straightening as well as keeping the customer’s dog at his own home while repairs proceeded. He found the customer a hotel to stay in during the repairs. Brown delivered food to the customer while he lodged at the hotel and she lined up volunteers to provide meals. She gathered clothes to replace the customer’s worn out garments and continues to search for furniture to replace worn household items. 

Matt Phillips and Lindsey Brown saw a person in need and were honoured to help abundantly. They are Paul Davis Difference Makers, as are many dedicated colleagues who also make life-changing differences for people needing an extra hand. Their actions aren’t confined to work hours or limited by contracts. They aren’t codified in a manual or completed according to rote instructions. Instead, their actions spring from a strong drive to assist, to support, to create new ways to heal people experiencing the worst times in their lives.

Here’s another Difference Maker who went above and beyond for a customer in need: “She was living alone with dangerous mold in her home and the only solution was to pack up and evacuate. On top of the stress of moving, it was her birthday and she had nobody to celebrate with. We had a cake made at the local bakery and she was so surprised she had tears in her eyes. We were her family that day.” 

Paul Davis is proud to employ best-in-class professionals who bring intangible but crucial extra skills to their jobs. They arrive at a disaster and immediately start building hope, knowing that they can and will make things better. They calmly lead disaster victims toward stability and normalcy, reassuring them, showing the “can-do” mindset, empathizing with patience and listening with care. They are compassionate employees with a determined drive to connect, to support, to create new ways to heal people experiencing the worst times in their lives. 
Are you a Difference Maker? We invite you to grow with our company. Contact us today online or 800-661-5975 to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.