A home inspection can avoid a world of trouble. When purchasing, selling, or simply living in a home, it is important to hire a professional to inspect your home every few years. Bad weather, a shifting foundation, and regular wear and tear can cause significant damages to your home—many of which are hidden from view.

Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional to get a home inspection:

Ensures Safety
Some of the most dangerous substances, like radon, carbon monoxide, and toxic mold, are seemingly invisible to the naked eye. With a home inspection, you can locate the source of any dangerous substance. If you find your home is infested with mould, you should take action immediately and call a mould remediation service.

Home inspections also ensure your electrical system is properly wired, and that your water supply and drainage system is working properly.
Helps You Understand Future Costs

A home inspection is beneficial for many reasons. In an older home, or one that has experienced significant wear and tear, a home inspection can help predict future costs of renovations, add-ons, or reparations. If you’re buying a house, this can provide useful information for your budget.

Reveals Roof Problems
A home with a weak roof is dangerous, and can be extremely costly if gone unnoticed. A home inspection is not an expert roofer, but will be able to refer you to a professional if it looks like your roof is in need of repair. Harsh weather conditions, age, inadequate draining systems, and regular wear and tear all contribute to a weak roof.

Identifies Pests
A pest inspection is a process many homeowners, buyers, or sellers, turn a blind eye to; nobody wants to know that they have critters scuttling around in their walls. A pest inspection not only detects the presence of harmful wood-boring insects, like termites, it determines whether the structure of your home has any rotting wood or excessive moisture.

Prevents Energy Loss
A thorough home inspection ensures that your heating and cooling systems are working properly and efficiently, and checks the insulation in your walls. It could help you save money and energy.

Used to Negotiate
If you are buying a home, a home inspection can reveal certain flaws that are actually to your advantage. A home with structural flaws can give you the upper hand as a buyer, and open up the possibility of negotiating a lower price from the seller.

You put a lot of money and love into your home. Hiring a professional home inspector will ensure your house is structurally sound and safe for years to come.

If you have experienced a flood, fire, or severe weather damage to your home, the professionals at Paul Davis can help with top quality cleanup, restoration, and remediation services. Contact us today for more information.