Jodi Lewis – 20 Women of 2020

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Jodi Lewis is the Assistant General Manager for Paul Davis of Suburban Maryland & Washington DC. 

When did you start working for Paul Davis?

I started at Paul Davis in April of 2004, I have held many positions such as Receptionist, Mitigation Coordinator, JCA, Office Manager, Claims Manager, Estimator, Team Leader, all molding me for my current position as Assistant General Manager of Paul Davis Restoration of Suburban Maryland & Washington DC, a Paul Davis Owned location.

What were you doing before that?

I was employed by a competitor. My start in the industry occurred in 2002. Before that, I was an Executive Assistant at a corporation related to aerospace, military support, security, and technologies industry.

How did you get the job—or what interested you in going for it?

Having experience working for a competitor before coming to Paul Davis, I knew I was going to love the challenge and that Paul Davis was where I wanted to be employed. I started at another Paul Davis location, but destiny carried me to the DC office over a decade ago… I interviewed for a position in July of 2009. I was hired at first sight and I have been here ever since. I could not be more grateful for the team I have worked with over the years that has helped shape me into the leader I am today.

Give us 2-3 paragraphs of your duties and what a day of doing each one of those would look like.

Nothing is a duty, for starters, I am a player-coach. If it’s basketball, I am a point guard. One that can pass and score. I coach how to control the ball/claim all while making sure it gets to the right player at the right time. I also coach clean passing and great play development by keeping center focus on the customer and keeping a +80 NPS. Paul Davis is a company with a great focus on the customer. This is the perfect fit for me as I gravitate towards helping people in their time of need. We solve problems for customers. Those customers can be internal or external. It’s all about vision and quickly analyzing what is needed at the moment and moving the claim around while making forward progress. I like the pressure. It brings out the best in me.

The experience that I have built with my many years of claim exposure has allowed me to profile people as well as situations, enhancing my intuition. My day to day can include: one-on-ones, Goal Setting and Review meetings with my team members, reviewing work in progress, estimating, emergency recovery, sales, budgeting, collections, prepping, planning, recruiting, communicating, coaching, and innovating. Every day is devoted to adjusting as the industry changes and coming up with SMART goals and processes that will fit into an already tight schedule.

Family info and how it relates to your job and daily life (if you want).

I am a single mom to my 19-year-old son who is going to college while working full time. He is figuring out life and relationships. He’s a great student and a respectful young man. I am so proud of him. He is amazing at Karate, winning countless National Championships. I love talking about business and spending time with him. I am very fortunate. My parents live in San Antonio Texas. I am grateful to have their support and unconditional love. They are both very compassionate and I believe they have passed that trait onto me. My grandparents are still living. My grandfather who is a baseball fanatic was placed on hospice in January 2020 with a life expectancy of 6 months. He is the most determined person I have ever met, and he continues to keep running the bases. I have learned so much from his drive and work ethic. Spending time with my family brings me back to reality and to what is truly most important.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This business is very demanding. It is very difficult to conceptualize 5 years from now, but I will be at Paul Davis. I want to have the most impact on the team that I can, based on my experience. I would like to see us become #1 in the market and be an integral leader of that growth.