Kenia Hagan – 20 Women of 2020

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Kenia Hagan is the Assistant Emergency Services Manager at Paul Davis of Idaho. 

When did you start working for Paul Davis?

I began working at Paul Davis in 2011 as a Content Technician. I was a junior in high school! My mom was the Content Manager, so I worked after school, during breaks, etc. I took over the Content Manager position in 2014 and have been with Paul Davis full time since.

What were you doing before that?

I graduated high school, moved away for a short time, and then moved back. I was employed as an assistant manager for a Family Dollar store and a daycare.

How did you get the job—or what interested you in going for it?

They were looking for someone to step into the Content Manager position. I was looking for a better opportunity, and with my experience, they took me on. I knew the job and enjoyed what we were able to do for customers.

Give us 2-3 paragraphs of your duties and what a day of doing each one of those would look like.

My duties include the daily scheduling and dispatch of mitigation and content technicians. I am typically the second point of contact after the customer calls in. I find out the customer’s needs and expectations, discuss the process with them, and let them know when they expect to see our team. I do onsite inspections to verify the affected areas with technicians, and to ensure we are being consistent with our customers.

I manage our contents department for both our Idaho Falls and Boise offices. We have 4 great content technicians. They are amazing women who take great pride in their work, pay attention to detail, and take great care of our customers. I oversee everything from pack-outs, hard and soft contents processing, and structure cleaning. I work with our customers through the whole process to make sure their valuables are being handled properly.

Family info and how it relates to your job and daily life (if you want).

I have two boys, 6 and 2. My six-year-old is a sweet momma's boy, who dreams about the day he can come work at Paul Davis. My two-year-old is my wild child. My husband is amazing, and always so supportive of my career, whether it’s traveling back and forth between offices or schedule changes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, I see myself growing. I’m not sure where or what, but I always want to better myself for myself, my family, and my company. I want to learn and have opportunities to obtain many more certifications. I love our industry, and I love being able to serve people in their time of need. I enjoy all of my coworkers and I definitely plan on being a part of the Paul Davis team. I’m sure in 5 years, I’ll be more than I imagined myself to be.