As companies modify operations in the COVID-19 era, manufacturers have been saddled with particularly difficult adjustments. Many of these businesses are essential – processing food, producing critical supplies, building equipment – so they must make changes while maintaining services and production. Few offer remote work options. Existing footprints and processes are now understood to be hazardous in the new era: side-by-side work, frequent employee movement, products handled by multiple workers, to name just a few.

Paul Davis is helping the manufacturing sector navigate the new normal safely and productively. “Our experts help your manufacturing company create a plan to address COVID risks that meets all requirements and applicable regulations,” says Brad Cowan, Senior Vice President Business Development at Paul Davis. “Our technicians can then help your team implement the plan or implement it for you. We’ll monitor performance and adherence, conduct training – anything your facility needs to keep employees safe while protecting the health of your business.”  

Cowan and his team evaluate the need for a wide range of engineering and administrative controls:

  • Protective equipment including PPE and face coverings.
  • Configuring work environments to distance workers at least 6 feet apart.
  • Configuring traffic patterns to ensure distance as workers move about.
  • Enabling handwashing and sanitization as needed.
  • Increasing ventilation in workplaces.
  • Enabling touch-free processes.
  • Implementing new scheduling, including essential worker determinations, shift changes, and employee cohorting (grouping workers to reduce overall exposure).
  • Implementing training and workplace programs on new procedures and why they are necessary.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting facilities.
  • Placing signage and visual cues in the work environment.
  • Implementing reporting/screening/monitoring procedures.

As Paul Davis experts work with manufacturing companies, they take care to track all applicable guidance and changing advisories from public health authorities.

“We handle dangerous pathogens every day during disaster mitigation and restorations,” Cowan says. “We are extremely well-versed in reducing exposure, managing risk and guiding customers through very difficult situations with confidence. Our company is particularly well-equipped to help the manufacturing sector handle tough times like these.”

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