Moving Safely Ahead With COVID-19 Cleaning for Commercial Properties

Ill-defined and novel threats scare us far more than familiar and routine risks. That has certainly been the case with the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We’re unsure exactly how to protect ourselves against a new menace measuring just 120 nanometers across (a human hair is a comparatively enormous 75,000 nanometers across). In particular, we wonder how we will safely return to shuttered locations like stores, restaurants, businesses, schools, churches and public gathering places. 

Throughout the crisis, Paul Davis has provided cleaning expertise for commercial customers like medical facilities and grocery stores that are still operating as essential businesses. As North America takes slow steps toward renewing public life, Paul Davis is encouraging closed locations – churches, schools, offices, public buildings, non-essential retail stores – to schedule cleaning now in anticipation of reopening and reoccupying.

“We expect a significant surge in businesses requesting pre-emptive cleaning to prepare for reopening,” says Mike Hopkins, Chief Operating Officer for Paul Davis, who says the company has also spearheaded many emergency cleaning projects following localised coronavirus outbreaks. “To help weather this economic storm and build business quickly, these locations must reassure customers their employees that their premises are safe from the very first day they open their doors. They must earn trust by taking protective steps in advance and build trust with regular and continuing cleaning protocols. Our teams and technologies can deliver this essential peace of mind.”

To ensure that cleaning procedures meet all necessary guidelines for safety and efficacy, Paul Davis diligently monitors updates from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization. Additionally, the company monitors and implements guidance from local, provincial and national health agencies, and uses qualified and government-approved chemicals designated under emerging viral pathogen policies.

Trained and certified Paul Davis technicians use a variety of high-tech cleaning procedures, such as ultra-low volume foggers that apply disinfectants widely and manual cleaning of high-traffic surfaces such as equipment, doorknobs, elevator and door access panels, handrails and horizontal surfaces. Paul Davis teams can review training, equipment, materials and products that are specific to its COVID-10 standard operating procedures. Further, Paul Davis locations are implementing regular preemptive cleaning schedules for many commercial customers.

“If your location is currently closed, don’t wait. Schedule your cleaning now to make sure you’re ready to open your doors as soon as officials allow,” Hopkins concludes. “There’s a lot of pent-up demand from customers who have been sheltering at home. We can help your business get ready to welcome eager visitors.”