Passionate Employees Make Paul Davis Restoration a Remarkable Workplace

In the world of disaster recovery, Paul Davis Restoration stands out not only for its commitment to helping people in their darkest moments but also for fostering a workplace culture that inspires passion and dedication among its over 6000 employees across nearly 350 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Stephanie Rosenstone, Chief of Staff at Paul Davis Restoration, attributes the company's success to its exceptional team members. She expresses gratitude for having the "best in the business" and emphasizes the company's dedication to ensuring that Paul Davis is where they choose to build their careers. The company frequently survey employee and the results reflect this sentiment, highlighting four key areas that contribute to the passion and enthusiasm of the workforce: culture, colleagues, leadership, and a sense of individual belonging.

Culture That Inspires:

The employees at Paul Davis Restoration consistently laud the company's culture and values. They appreciate the commitment demonstrated through daily actions and feel genuinely cared for by the organization. Recognition of talent and a swift promotion system from within create a sense of appreciation among the workforce, contributing to a positive and nurturing work environment.

Committed Colleagues:

The alignment with the company's vision, mission, and values is evident in the daily actions of colleagues, fostering an excellent office culture. The camaraderie and willingness to help one another, combined with comprehensive training programs, create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. It's not just about individual success but about the success of the team as a whole.

Inspiring Leadership:

Leadership at Paul Davis Restoration is seen as impactful and encouraging. Employees express gratitude for leaders who discuss goals and provide guidance to help them realize their career aspirations. The supportive and respectful management style creates an environment where employees feel comfortable and valued, contributing to a positive and motivated workforce.

Meaningful Work and Development Opportunities:

Employees find meaning and purpose in their work at Paul Davis Restoration. The company offers readily available training in both technical and skill development realms, allowing individuals to shape their career paths. Living out the company's Vision, Mission, and Values, employees appreciate the challenging nature of the work and the continuous opportunities for growth.

Rosenstone emphasizes the company's commitment to ongoing support and improvement. She states, "We will always seek new ways to support them and be an even better employer. An example is a recent Self Defense class we hosted at our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, to promote employee empowerment." The company's dedication to continuous enhancement ensures that employees are not just part of a workplace but an evolving community that values their growth and well-being.

If you're looking for a workplace that combines a winning spirit, a history of achievements, and core values such as truth, integrity, leadership, persistence, and compassion, Paul Davis invites you to join The Difference Makers™. Explore how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while contributing to making the world a better place. Contact Paul Davis Careers today and become a part of a dynamic group of colleagues dedicated to making a positive impact. Join The Difference Makers™!