Light has the ability to empower your workers to do their jobs efficiently and well, and makes sure that their efforts are seen and appreciated. But lighting has a very different impact on criminals in deterring workplace crime.


Regardless of what type of business you have, thieves, disgruntled employees, and others could see your business as a target.


By adding perimeter lighting to your business you are making a clear statement that you want to protect your property. You’re also saying that anyone committing a crime on the premises has a higher probability of being seen and caught.  


To get started, you need to take a detailed look at your building and surrounding property in order to determine what lighting options are best for your needs. Ask yourself these questions to ensure you choose options that will be effective and reliable based on your needs:


  • If you have or plan to have surveillance cameras, what are their locations? Are there areas that tend to be darker than others? Are there areas that are more apt to be potential hiding spots for criminals?
  • What environmental conditions will the perimeter lighting be exposed to? Substantial rainy seasons? Dry climate?
  • Worried about lifetime costs? You may want to consider LED options.
  • How much light do you need? Make sure your lighting choices don’t create glare or shadow areas.
  • Are there measures you need to take to minimize tampering with or damage to the perimeter lighting fixtures? Should they be mounted higher up or have protective wire mesh shields attached?


For the same reasons you have locks on your doors and passwords on your computer, you need to protect your business and property, both physical and intellectual. You and your staff work hard to take care of your business and customer needs. As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without adding crime to the mix.  And when you’re able to focus on doing your work instead of protecting it, your business is that much more secure and successful.


Crime can hurt a business in multiple ways, whether it be property damage, damaged products, loss of intellectual property, or the peace of mind of your staff. It can be difficult for staff to come to a workplace knowing it has been the location of a crime.  By seeing perimeter lighting as a crime preventative measure and an investment in your business, you can continue to take steps to grow your company, knowing that your crime risk is lowered.