Customers describe exactly how Paul Davis saved them from disasters, cheerfully solved restoration challenges, and brought welcome human warmth to very tough times.


Extraordinary care


“It was my first home, my dream home, and will one day be my retirement home,” said a grateful customer from Greenville/Spartanburg, Virginia, whose house sustained serious tree damage. “When I received the call from a neighbour about the tree, my heart broke, the sense of loss was almost too much to bear. Funny thing, it was the most stressful situation (when it happened), but turned into one of the most pleasant. Gary, the Paul Davis project manager, not only lived up to my standards and expectations, but he blew the lid off of them. My hat’s off to Gary and all the amazing folks I met through working with Paul Davis.”


Under-promising and over-delivering


“Because the replacement of our front sidewalk, steps and stoop was unexpected and unplanned, we are especially grateful to you and your team,” said Nancy C. and Diane K. of Madison, Wisconsin. “While you set the stage, Steve Manser of Paul Davis took care of our concerns on site as the work took place. He understood the issues involved with an older house and he consistently reassured us that his goal was to see that we were happy with the end result. The work was excellent in all aspects. You under-promised and over-delivered, which made us comfortable throughout the timeline. Steve told us that he would come back in the spring to inspect the work. We will be happy to see him again.”


Highest levels of service


“Not only is it important for me to tell you and your team this, and to commend the specific people who executed the work, provided estimates, managed the projects, etc., but to also deliver this information to our agent,” said a Chubb policy holder in Lake County, Illinois. “Megan, if and when you have other clients, our mutual friends, or even you (hopefully not!) who need repair/restoration work done, use Paul Davis. With the level of professionalism, skill, responsiveness, flexibility, knowledge, empathy for our loss, and ability to execute towards our desired goal that Paul Davis displayed, nobody has even come close to replicating that level of service.”


Volunteering for charity


After an allegedly fraudulent contractor accepted $90,000 and failed to complete any renovation for an older woman’s home, the Montreal police force and local Paul Davis franchises did the entire job free of charge. Working with donated tools and supplies, volunteers completed the extensive damage repairs and rebuilding in just two days while the homeowner was away. Grateful recipient and native French-speaker Colette M. returned to a beautiful home and enthusiastically told reporters how the team applied the Paul Davis vision of providing extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need.


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Delighting customers with thoughtful extras


One customer in Virginia sustained property damage at a particularly difficult time: when their new baby was due. Paul Davis celebrated with the new parents by completing water-damage restoration ahead of the child’s birth and contributing a few joyful extras: gifts from the registry for the new arrival.


“Thank you so much for baby gifts for little Calvin. It was unexpected and very much appreciated. Thanks as well for being so accommodating with schedules during these last few weeks. Glad to know that the house will be mould-free for this little guy, thanks to your efforts.