Fire, water and termite damage are likely the three biggest damage situations that a property owner will face. The damage and restoration needs for each of these situations is usually high, and the numerous repair or replacement decisions that each requires are complex. Adding to the complexity is that many actions need to take place simultaneously for the restoration to be successful. Here are three key questions property owners should be asking first when faced with the ‘Who do I hire?’ decision.

How soon can you start? The cleanup activity needs to begin as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage and added expense. Waiting is not a good idea.

Do you have expert remediation and restoration teams at hand? A professional restoration company assigns project leaders and skilled technicians and craftsmen, then schedules them as they are needed to keep the project moving forward, minimize delays, and restore the structure promptly and correctly.

Can you assist me with my insurer’s requirements? Hiring a construction company or contractor friend won’t help you deal with the many requirements your insurer will want to see met. Hiring a professional remediation and restoration company that has experience dealing directly with your insurance provider will relieve many of the headaches a property owner faces when making a damage claim. For example, Paul Davis works closely with insurance adjusters to determine which contents can be cleaned and which ones need to be replaced. A professional restoration company such as Paul Davis has staff knowledgeable about the ins and outs of major insurers’ requirements; delays in approvals are often greatly reduced.

Another consideration of great importance is that restoration companies have specialized equipment. Industrial-strength dehumidifiers, specialized air-moving machines, ozone generators, and powerful chemical cleansers are some of these items. This equipment is expensive to own and useless outside of a restoration environment. Restoration companies know its value in the process and therefore keep this highly specialized equipment ready to move on site right away.

Paul Davis companies believe that when it comes to truly helping property owners get their homes and businesses back to like-new condition, This is No Time for Second Best™.