Step Up With New Home Security Solutions

The end of summer usually means one thing—last-minute summer vacations.  The kids will be in school soon. The weather is definitely warmer and you deserve a few days away.  Only one person is just as excited about your trip as you are…a criminal.


Peace Of Mind


You could always go on vacation and have nothing happen to your house or possessions. However, the most important part of a vacation is being able to relax and not worry about what’s going on back at home. By utilizing updated home security solutions available today, leaving for vacation for any period of time is simple. That’s because if there is an issue with a break-in or a fire or anything else, today’s home security solutions make sure that the police or fire department is notified as soon as an incident occurs.


Just like Paul Davis is an ally in times of need, home security solutions can be an ally in your efforts to be prepared.


It’s An Investment


How much time and money have you invested in your home? It makes sense to also invest in the security of your property with the help of a security system—and these systems often cost much less than what you’d be protecting.


Depending on the size of your home and the functions/features you need most, there are numerous options to choose from at different price points. Many security options have integrated apps that allow you to continuously monitor your home with your phone.  Not only will you feel safe closing the door when you’re off to work in the morning, you can check on your home when you’re travelling for business or away with the family on vacation.


What if you already have a home security system, but you haven’t upgraded it in a very long time. Is it worth looking into? Of course! Stepping up to a new system allows the smartphone functionality mentioned above as well as the ability to truly cater to your individual needs as a home or business owner.  


What Features Do You Need?


No matter where in the home security stage you are, ask yourself these questions to find the best solution.


  • Does it have to be professionally installed?
  • Does it come with a monthly contract?
  • Can I use an app on my phone to monitor?
  • Do I need a power backup in case of an outage?
  • Do I want environmental sensors?
  • Do I want to be able to use my Alexa or Google Home with it?


After asking yourself these questions you can decide which solution is best for you, enabling you to better protect your valuables—whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation.