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What To Do When Bad Odours Persist in Your Home

When Caitlin and Dan moved into the stately colonial, it was a dream come true. Until they sniffed the noxious stink that they couldn’t trace. “Emanating from somewhere deep in the house was an unmistakably pungent, yet unrecognizable, smell,” Caitlin wrote in the real estate section of a popular newspaper.… Read more »

New Office - Paul Davis Winnipeg

Paul Davis Winnipeg opens new office specializing in emergency response and insurance restoration services for residential and commercial property owners. Ken Cruzat, co-owner and general manager of  Paul Davis Winnipeg is pleased to announce the opening of the restoration franchise at 701 Henry Ave. in the northwest area of the… Read more »

Is Mould Causing These Health Problems?

When we experience coughing, congestion and throat irritation during a humid summer and fall, can we blame the symptoms on mould? It’s a question everyone asks at this time of year and even a casual search of the internet reveals qualified experts who disagree significantly. The bottom line: health effects… Read more »