Cleaning a blackened home after a fire, properly restoring flooded properties, rebuilding a roof after a devastating storm, volunteering for local charities – Paul Davis employees come together to form a strong and united force helping people in their times of greatest need. It’s a shared endeavor that Paul Davis team members find personally rewarding.

“The men and woman that wear the Paul Davis logo have a winning spirit to serve others, a history of achieving great results and values that are congruent with the brand, like delivering what you promise, respecting the individual, having pride in what we do, and practicing continuous improvement,” says David Marker, Regional Vice President of Operations for Paul Davis. “I’m truly honored to serve with our teams of A-Players.”

Researchers studying the working world find that people are happiest in jobs that meet very specific criteria. They want positions that provide meaning and serve purposes larger than themselves. Recognition for a job well done is particularly important too (in fact, studies have found that the top reason people leave jobs is because they feel unappreciated). Seeking to better themselves as they improve their employers, they want to master new skills and develop their potential. Pride is very important. 

Employees report that Paul Davis delivers many of these crucial qualities:

Meaningful Work:

“I specifically took this position because of the opportunity to help people. To me, it felt as though Paul Davis actually believes in the values they claim.

“Our everyday is our customers worst day of their lives and Paul Davis creates an atmosphere where people like me thrive to help others in their time of need.

“I get the opportunity to make a living working for a company whose sole purpose isn’t just to make money but is also helping people, helping restore people’s lives, helping people put their homes and businesses back together after a loss that has disrupted their life. This is meaningful and my days are filled with purpose.”

Vocal Recognition:

“The work atmosphere is enjoyable and high energy. Management is very appreciative of the staff.”

“Paul Davis provides an environment where supervisors recognise employees for their outstanding work while at the same time holding them accountable to produce and exceed expectations.”

Achieving Mastery:

 “Paul Davis offers a lot of opportunity and variety in the workplace.” 

“Through the Leadership Development Program, Paul Davis skills-up its team through one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on building relationships and driving results.”

Company Pride: 

“I believe everyone at Paul Davis has the utmost integrity and as an organisation we are one of the most ethical businesses out there!”

“We stand behind our work for several years protecting our reputation. Most companies are short sighted and put profit before service! We are different in an exceptional way!”

“Paul Davis developed a compensation plan that is fair, appropriate, and acknowledges the difficulty of the work we do by saying financially “thank you for a job well done”. 

Other qualities people seek in jobs? Being part of a winning team in a respected company, supported by a good boss and collaborating with good colleagues. Employees feel Paul Davis succeeds here, too, as they repeatedly show through surveys the company conducts to maintain its preferred employer status. When asked what they liked working about Paul Davis, these words occur most frequently: help, support, love, family, team, support, people.

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