Water Damaged Commercial Properties Gain Real Benefits From Advanced MICA Software

When a commercial property floods, the damage may be confined and easily mopped up. A supply line bursts in a hair salon at lunch hour, for example, spewing clean water for several minutes until an employee finds the valve and twists it shut. Few people were inconvenienced, the gushing was quickly noticed, and appointments continued while Paul Davis quickly addressed the soaked areas. 

Conversely, flooding in a commercial building could be so widespread, lingering and contaminated – a sewage pipe broke over the weekend when the property was unattended, perhaps, or a hurricane roared through – that the devastation shutters the business for extended periods.

MICA – short for “Mitigation Industry Control Application” – is likely to be on the job for both projects, even though they are extremely different in scope. This powerful software platform brings significant advantages for everyone involved in the job. Mitigation companies, technicians and insurance carriers can:

  • upload pictures
  • record data
  • automate calculations
  • eliminate paperwork
  • access equipment specifications 
  • automatically create reports
  • view job data
  • share reports
  • manage budgets
  • audit progress

MICA, which is nearly a jack-of-all-trades for the industry, delivers outstanding results. It eliminates redundancy, improves accuracy, manages project costs, speeds cycle time, closes out claims faster and reduces paperwork. The web-based system does not require an internet connection to function and streamlines communication among all involved, too.

Paul Davis is an enthusiastic advocate. “We bring the very latest technologies in mitigation and restoration to clients to get them back in business as soon as possible while minimizing long-term consequences,” says Leslie Anderson, Vice President of Training and Launch for Paul Davis. “MICA helps Paul Davis deliver exceptional results for commercial customers with water damage.”