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Zika Facts and Fiction

Chances are that you’ve heard quite a bit about the Zika virus. The difficult part is separating fact from fiction. There are no reports of mosquitoes spreading the Zika virus in Canada. However, there’s an ongoing low level of risk to Canadians travelling to some countries and some areas in[...]

Wintertime Subterranean Termites – Hiding Out of Sight

Springtime and the even warmer summer months bring subterranean termite colonies nearer to our view, when they swarm and cause consternation for both home and business owners. But termites are, in fact, active year-round. They’re survivors and have roamed Earth for over 250 million years, so they[...]

Veterans Among Us

Since 1919, each November 11th Canada has proclaimed a day of recognition for the many  veterans who have taken some portion of their early or mid-life years and devoted them to Canadian military service. We celebrate Remembrance Day on November 11th because it was on that date in 1918 that Allied[...]

Special Thanks Again This Year from Paul Davis

Years have a way of speeding by. Before we know it this one, too, will have passed. At Paul Davis we decided that 2016 will not come to a close without extending a special thanks to the many thousands of wonderful co-workers and associates who year-after-year help our company provide needed[...]

Rangetop and Oven Cooking Safety

Paul Davis emergency response teams all too often see the dangerous and damaging results of cooking fires. Whether homeowners cook with gas or propane, electric or induction, cooking fires have long been the primary cause of residential fires. Knowing rangetop and oven do’s and don’ts greatly[...]