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Protect Your Home or Business Before Wildfires Threaten

Dry weather conditions and carelessness can be a deadly combination here in our community. Some forest fires are caused by nature, but the vast majority result from man-made mistakes that can be avoided. As fire season threatens again this year, take time to safeguard your home or business. These[...]

What Buyers Truly Seek from Service Providers

Those of us working at Paul Davis know that our business provides much-needed emergency remediation and quality reconstruction services to home and business owners at competitive prices. When we arrive on the scene following an emergency (or worse, a calamity) our customer is searching for immediate[...]

Cold Weather Cautions for Business Owners

As cold weather settles into many areas of the country, taking precautions now can help protect your business from winter hazards that frequently cause business interruptions and undermine company productivity and profits. Sudden Cold Snaps. We’re always surprised by them, so planning ahead for[...]

Practice Fire Safety During Holiday Celebrations

From your friends at Paul Davis, we wish you all the best this holiday season. Nothing would make us happier during the rest of this year and next than to not see the consequences of home fires that typically peak around the holidays. Extra care and safety at home can take a back seat during[...]

2017 Business Predictions to Consider

Predicting the ups and downs for the year ahead is akin to predicting tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers or next week’s hockey scores. But looking over the horizon to the coming year is a task most businesses devote keen attention to. So we compiled these 5 predictions that are expected to[...]