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After a Tough Winter, Can Your Commercial Roof Still Protect Against Spring Rain?

Winter was harsh across Canada, bringing deep snow, howling winds, plunging thermometers, ice buildup, freezing rain and rapid temperature fluctuations. As a gentler season arrives, Paul Davis urges commercial property owners to see how flat roofing systems weathered this particularly fearsome[...]

Paul Davis Responds to Emergency At The Historic Minneapolis Grain Exchange

The Minneapolis Grain Exchange, which opened in 1881 in the city’s downtown, has moved tons of hard red wheat through its halls. The historic building functioned for many years as the ‘Wall Street” for grain, a bustling meeting place in which buyers and sellers traded, purchased and hawked[...]

Learning From Experience, Frozen Pipes Plague Commercial Properties In Texas

In February, an unusually brutal cold snap overtaxed the Texas power grid and caused a widespread and prolonged power loss. As the thermometer plunged and remained well below freezing, four million Texans shivered in the dark. Businesses struggled to safeguard valuable assets and blunt the financial[...]

Paul Davis Provides Support for Local Communities

As spring continues, Paul Davis is lending its people, equipment, time and expertise to worthy causes all over North America. Our employees are honoured to give freely of themselves to support the communities in which they live and work.  Here where our people pitched in recently: Paul Davis[...]

Putting Drones to Work Reduces Headaches for Commercial Property Owners

Drones have become far more than fun gadgets built for amusement. They are rugged, highly technical tools hard at work every day making our lives better. These devices, ranging in size from a few hundred grams to over 150 kilograms, have revolutionized wildlife research, allowing study from afar[...]