Month: May 2021

Paul Davis Provides Support for Local Communities

Summer is here! Paul Davis people, equipment, time and expertise are making a difference to worthy causes all over North America. Here is where our employees pitched in recently, giving freely of themselves to support the communities in which they live and work.  Hosting Blood Drives: Paul Davis of Portland/Vancouver… Read more »

A Summer Sizzler is Forecast for 2021 – 7 Upgrades Help Beat the Heat

Last summer, the northern hemisphere sweated through the record books. September was the hottest month of the hottest summer since humans started tracking meteorological data. Summer 2021 promises to be another scorcher to challenge commerce. Transportation will navigate softening roadways, warping train tracks and idled air traffic. Supply chains will… Read more »

Make Documentation of Damage Claims A Priority

The scorched and smoldering aftermath of a fire, the soaked and mouldy interiors after a catastrophic flood – when devastation stares commercial property owners in the face and emotions are high, it’s extremely difficult to think about next steps.  That’s why Paul Davis recommends thinking ahead. Before the disaster occurs,… Read more »

Homeowners Wise to Anticipate Hurricane Forecast for 2021

Cue the suspense music: hurricane season is bearing down on East Coast property owners. Officially, the season spans June 1 through the end of November but the last six seasons started early and ended late. Last year was the worst hurricane season on record and forecasters expect another blockbuster year… Read more »

First Priority® Program Assures Businesses Stay Well-Prepared

What does it take to make your business a success? Experts point to good leadership, exceptional customer service, secure financing and a clear mission. But no business excels without reliable partnerships and astute planning in the face of an uncertain future.  “There is simply no way that businesses have everything… Read more »